First Day of Filming Documentary on Paul Leimkuehler

On Thursday, August 20 we had our first day of filming with Outsider Video & Motion. My dad Bill, my uncles Jon and Bob, and my aunt Paulette were all interviewed about their father—Paul Leimkuehler. They spent the entire day sharing stories of growing up and the impact he had on the skiing and prosthetic and orthotic field.

The film crew from Columbus, Ohio included owners and creative directors, Victor Matkovic and Andy Emery, and producer Brian Polk, who spent the day in Cleveland capturing stories about my grandfather.

The one common theme I recognized from a day filled of interviews was that Paul Leimkuehler was a fighter and never gave up on anything he did. He saw the best in every situation and learned how to make the most all the challenges that came his way. He was a man who never settled and  always strived to do more and be more with his business, family and volunteering. (Click to Tweet!)

jon leimkuehler
Jon Leimkuehler, oldest son of Paul Leimkuehler, and founder of Union Orthotics & Prosthetics.


bill leimkuehler
Bill Leimkuehler, youngest son of Paul Leimkuehler, and CEO and Founder of Leimkuehler Orthotic and Prosthetic Center. Inc.

bob leimkuehlerBob Leimkuehler, second son of Paul Leimkuehler, and CEO of Leimkuehler Inc. Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Paulette Leimkuehler
Paulette Vaughn, oldest and only daughter of Paul Leimkuehler, former Vice President of PEL Supply (Paul Elmer Leimkuehler Supply Company.)

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  1. Jill Leimkuehler

    This is great- Uncle Bud would never give up!!!

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