Paul Leimkuehler Inspiring The Power of Persistence


Paul LeimkuehlerMy grandfather, while I’ve never known him as an adult has taught me the power of persistence. His very life emulated this to the highest degree. As a teen, he was driven to succeed in sports. Paul dedicated day after day to training to his cycling races and speed skating competitions—and it usually paid off resulting with him on the podium or trophy in hand. This was just the beginning.

I often think of the moment during the Battle of the Bulge, where his leg was injured and with chaos surrounding him–asked the doctor to amputate. That’s right: asked. That moment. The moment of the asking. That takes a special type of person, someone who isn’t clinging the past, someone has the courage to embrace the worst and still move forward. This has always been the moment in my grandfather’s life that I’ve most admired. He was willing to part with a piece of him unknowing what was in store for him.

As I’ve embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey in the last year, I’ve encounter my share of uncertain moments and I try to remember: You always have the choice to choose your path. It belongs in your hands and no one else’s. (Click to Tweet!

My grandfather reminds me of how the uncertain moments in life can sometimes lead to the best ones. He also became an entrepreneur, he took a chance on himself and an idea of how to do something and do it better. He saw an opportunity to help other amputees like him. Paul launched Leimkuehler Limb Company in 1948 that’s still being ran today. As I’m growing my company, I remember him and that great companies always start with great people.

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